crucifix, Fleur de Lis design with Raphael base


height: approx 55cm


Medium Fleur de Lis Crucifix with Base matching the RAPHAEL Altar Candlestick. This beautiful crucifix comes standard on the RAPHAEL base, but can be changed to match any Altar Candlestick Holder base to complete the set. It comes as high polished solid brass, lacquered. It is suited on both a high altar and table altars. It can also be adapted to a processional crucifix is requested. A fleur de lis ("flower of the lily") is a stylized lily whose origins are most likely from Egypt. In Christian meanings, the fleur de lis represents the Trinity because of the three-fold separation. Similar to an Annunciation lily, the sign also can represent the Virgin Mary, although by the late middle ages the rose was also associated with Mary. Another association is from Song of Solomen 2:1: "I am the Rose of Sharon, I am the lily of the valleys."

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