Most items come with a high polished lacquered brass finish, unless specified. This protective coating is baked on lacquer and will prevent tarnish for many years before re-coating. Nickel plating gives a very high shine silver look that is sturdy and easily cleaned. Items can be nickel plated at no extra cost. They can also be gold plated, but unless indicated, this will cost slightly extra (add 25% to the final price as an indicator). All items relating to Holy Communion are gold plated and priced accordingly. 


There are some items on this site that are still in the production phase. As such, we can only give an indication of their final appearance by using the computer generated images used in the design phase, which are obviously not as appealing as the final product will be. The prices indicated on these items are confirmed and will not change for you once you have completed the purchase online.


Our skilled craftsman can replicate just about any metal item you send them. To achieve the best result it does mean that you will have to ship the item and may risk the original not being returned. However, the clear benefit is that you can endlessly order newly made and polished items that are identical or of higher quality to the original.



There is no extra cost to tailor individual items. To help you achieve the best solution for you, please contact Joseph who will advise you on tailoring the manufacture of individual brass items so they best suit.



Call us to arrange a look at our quality items and we can visit you. Alternatively, Saint Joseph's at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane is our display church (as depicted on the front cover) and you are welcome to arrange a time convenient to visit and discuss options that will working in your church.



For orders in Australia, shipping in included in the price of the items and there will be no extra cost to you. Delivery of most common items is 30 days from order. Delivery of custom or replicated items can be expected within 60 days of order. GST All prices include GST and all local taxes.



We are very happy to take international orders and work with your church to acquire the goods at our best price. However, the site automatically adds $30.00 shipping to all international orders, regardless of size. This is to try to ensure that orders are of a large enough size to remain economically viable for us to ship. Further, if the order is over a certain value, they may attract a local tax in your country, which we are not liable for. The delivery company DHL/FEDEX will notify you of any extra local taxes on arrival of your goods in country, which is usually required before they are released. As an example, in Australia, orders over $1000.00 attract a small tax. For some countries, this amount is as low as USD50.00.



Payments can be made either via PAYPAL, direct debit, cheque or cash. Please contact us for details or alternatives to paying online. Payments to PayPal can be made via the online CART on this site, or directly to the email address: moloney56@hotmail.com.