Metallic Brocade Gothic Vestment & Mass Set (Chalice Veil, Maniple, Burse & Stole) LINED


Metallic Brocade Gothic Chasuble & Traditional Mass Set - Chalice Veil, Maniple, Burse & Stole

The vestment measures 54" (141 cm) from wrist to wrist and 48" (122 cm)  from shoulder to base of the chasuble. The material of the garment is made of Church Brocade Fabric with Metallic Gold Cross Designs. All the designs are made of Golden thread embroidery work. The orphreys are made of Silk fabric and edged with Gold trims. This Chasuble is lined with matching Satin Fabric. This Vestment has IHS on the back and PAX (Chi-Rho) on the front. The Mass set has cross embroidered on it.


Stole: 4 ft (48 inches from shoulder to bottom) - 5.50 inch broad

Chalice Veil:  20" inches square

Maniple: 19 inches (48 cm)

Burse: 8 inches x 8 inches square


 PLEASE NOTE: the featured mass set is a sample, each vestment colour comes with the matching mass set colour.

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